Write Blogs that on the decentralized web.

The 200 Year

With the 200-year promise, writers are guaranteed that their content will live on, published on IPFS or Arweave based on their choice. Especially with Arweave, the content stays live indefinitely, irrespective of the existence of write.link. This ensures that the writer's legacy and thoughts are preserved for generations.

Data Ownership

You always own your intellectual property, mailing list, and revenue. With full editorial control and no gatekeepers, you can do the work you most believe in.

Content Monetization

Writers need to be rewarded for their efforts and creativity. Centralized platforms often take a significant cut of earnings or place restrictions on monetization methods. Write.link provides you diverse monetization streams with maximum transparency.

Frequently asked questions

Navigate through our most commonly asked questions to better understand how write.link can empower your writing journey.


Write.link is a decentralized blogging platform designed for modern writers. We empower authors with innovative features like AI-enhanced editing, multiple monetization options, and the promise of content longevity, all while ensuring true data ownership.

Unlike traditional platforms, write.link operates on a decentralized web. This means your content is not bound by centralized controls and has the promise to live for at least 200 years. Coupled with our advanced AI features and diverse monetization options, write.link offers a unique and future-proof writing experience

Absolutely. At write.link, your content's safety and permanence are paramount. Our decentralized structure ensures that your work is securely stored and remains accessible. Plus, with our platform, you retain complete ownership of your data.

Write.link offers a freemium model. While we have a free version with a rich set of features, there are premium plans that provide additional functionalities, such as custom domain integration, advanced AI tools, and more. Details of our pricing can be found on our "Pricing" page.

Connecting your custom domain is a breeze with write.link. Head to the "Settings" page in your dashboard, find the "Domain" section, and follow the step-by-step instructions provided. If you encounter any issues, our support team is always here to assist!